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I finally have the "dream job" I always wanted...CEO of a UK company. The job, which I landed as a result of working together, has led to this marvelous opportunity. Little did I know that the steps you helped me with would lead to this. It was a leap of faith when I retained you, but it sure paid off. I could always count on you to be objective, and keep my career progress foremost, even when I call at weird times from the UK. It's nice to have a professional coach to assist in managing my career.
DG, Managing Director, Food Industry

The Jennings Company provides an excellent framework for personal and professional assessment that enables me to find and obtain desirable positions. The tools and methodology allow me to assess fit and career opportunities as needed with encouragement from Kathleen to do so on an annual basis. The program with The Jennings Company is not just a one-time shot. Kathleen provides ongoing support as needed to discuss professional crossroads or issues that arise. Her experience, objectivity and insights provide critical input on key career decisions. The Jennings program is well worth the investment of time and money.
NH, Vice President, Telecommunications

I am writing first to thank you for the tremendous level of support that you have provided to me with career decisions over the years. The career search for a first-timer is by definition a process that can be frustrating and confusing. Kathleen was invaluable in bringing a level of order and logic to the process. I leaned on Kathleen for counsel in the course of making some very difficult decisions recently and her advice has proven to be "on the money". When you consider the time investment you'll make with your career, you recognize how important it is that you maximize your return on your time investment, not only in financial terms, but also in "enjoyment" terms. Kathleen does an outstanding job in helping make career decisions that will allow you to maximize both of these components.
DA, pharmaceutical industry and entrepreneur

I want to let you know that I just received and accepted an offer. I know that several "stories" I had from the work we did, and other interview preparation we went through, made a big difference. It allowed me to go through the interview process with a lot more confidence and target my responses more effectively. Thanks again for all your help.
PA, Healthcare

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