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Who is the Jennings Company?

Introducing Kathleen Jennings of The Jennings Company, offering personalized career management coaching to senior managers and executives. With more than 17 years of success in "coaching the winners in job searches", Kathleen has helped over a thousand clients.

"Most of my clients have never looked for a job since they were new college graduates. A few have been through an outplacement program but weren't happy with the job search assistance they received."

kathleen's portrait

Why Would Anyone Retain a Coach?

Where Can an Expert Coach Help?

Who Should Consider Retaining a Coach?

Someone who is leaving, or has left, a current position, either voluntarily or involuntarily. Job loss is stressful. Stress gets in the way of effective career management and delays moving forward. Unemployment is expensive, and you lose negotiation power.

Someone who is employed now, but who knows it is not the right situation anymore. If you have ever said, "It's just not fun anymore", this means YOU. Of course, keeping things confidential is a special part of this type of search, because you can't talk to many people about it.

Someone who wants to review a current career and to plan for future growth. Most successful companies operate from a plan. So do most successful people.

It’s not Who you know, but who knows YOU